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Raw veganism is a way of eating and a lifestyle . It promotes eating large quantities of raw vegan  food like fruits, vegetables , seeds and nuts. The more the better.

Why should we eat raw ? No animal in nature cooks his food . If eating cooked or fried food was natural, we would be born with a gas stove, pots and pans in our hands ūüėČ Cooking kills most of the vitamins and minerals, denatures digestive enzymes and fiber. Eating cooked food causes digestive leukocytosis in the body , which is the state of defense against a foreign body , as in the case of attack of viruses or bacteria . Only raw foods are able to provide us the right amount of vitamins, minerals , enzymes and other nutrients. We do not need to spend money on artificial supplements in capsules , beauty products , medicines , visits to specialists and plastic surgery.


Benefits of raw food are countless . Each raw foodist confirms that he is full of energy and has improved health after starting to eat this way. This lifestyle regulates the body weight, helps to heal both minor ailments and serious diseases . Women discover that cellulite disappear,  flexibility of the body increases , skin complexion and hair condition are much better. We begin to look and feel younger. The mind gets more calm and gentle . People begin to find their purpose in life, a new hobby, to change jobs, to grow spiritually, they begin to play sports . The body has a pleasant smell. We find inner peace, awareness of being here and now and contact with nature, which we are part of.

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