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Ok, it is not technically Spring yet, but you can say so 😉

With the warm air breeze and the the sunshine there is a  new energy flow that come to us! Finally!!! Therefore there is no better place to enjoy your morning juice than a meadow ( or your backyard 😉 )


I think I am gonna eat these daises later in my salad 🙂




Lady was helping me with the photo session. She ate also all the remaining pulp from juice making 🙂



My juice helps me also with studying german 🙂

Welcome spring!!!

I spent my birthday in Florence. I have been once there for a very short time, now I was lucky to spend some more time there. I felt in love with Florence but only the second time, as I could visit it properly. Florence is quite  little, but is surprisingly dense with masterpieces of architecture. If you are going to Italy, forget Milan and go to Florence 🙂

For  hungry vegans and raw vegans there are smoothie bars and great restaurant DOLCE VEGAN, situated on via San Gallo 92. Reading the reviews on the you can find out that they serve excellent pasta, gnocchi and other typical Italian dishes. I haven’t tried them, because I’m fully raw now and you can find several raw food options over there!!!

I will not show you any photo of food, because there wasn’t good lightening. However I  inspired to some of their meals and I will try to prepare them at home and take nice pictures that I will publish here on Raw Body and Soul. Just want to tell you that I ate a raw vegan burger for the first time, also raw carob and orange mousse and today I’m gonna eat raw spaghetti and cous cous. The recipes are coming soon!!!

In the meantime, take a look to some pics of a Magic Florence:




Ponte Vecchio in Florence, Italy

Ponte Vecchio, means the old brigde. There are many jewellery shops now, you don’t want to know what they were doing there in the past… This bridge is a must 🙂


The sculpture of David, a masterpiece of  the Renaissance by Michelangelo, has the ideal proportions; although some argue  for one detail 😉


The Basilica of San Lorenzo


The Duomo


The Birth of Venus, by Botticcelli, you can admire it at the Uffizi gallery.

These are just some of the many beautiful places of Florence, I leave you  encouraging  you to travel more! also in a culinary way 🙂