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If you have serious condition don’t expect that one week or month eating right (and living) cure you totally. Every step you make towards great health is important but if you have created your condition for years of toxic life give it a time and be patient. Nothing compare to feeling great and you will get there. Time is a healer but you just have to help your body… Or at least do not disturb it.


In the world there are plant eaters, carnivores and omnivores. And human?

Human is certainly the most confused of all existing species on Earth, because he does not know what to eat to be healthy. How many people, so many styles of eating and almost as many theories on the subject. The magazines almost every week show new sensational diet, designed to slim us at express pace. Who is right?



Animals in the wild do not have a problem with that. From the beginning they instinctively know what food is their ideal food.
Healthy nutrition  appropriate for the species is crucial not only to maintain proper weight, it is too superficial approach to the subject. The right diet is based on a desire to maintain long-term health and of course slim figure, which is the result of a healthy diet and lifestyle.
Let’s consider all the facts logically that define the diet of the whole kingdom of animals, on top of which stands the human.

1. Teeth: molars of carnivores are pointed and sharp. Our teeth are primarily flat and are used for grinding food. Our “canine teeth”  are not true carnivore-like canines. We are not able to bite a piece of raw meat through the skin, and before that, of course, kill an animal by biting its carotid artery. We do not have the jaws filled with sharp teeth such as carnivores.

greatwhite1     Carnivore or plant eater?

lion-teeth     Carnivore or plant eater?

Teeth_by_David_Shankbone     Carnivore or plant eater?

Frightening Teeth and Jaws on a Grizzly Bear    Omnivore

2. Tongue: only true carnivores have a rough tongue; herbivores have a smooth tongue. Therefore, herbivores can sip water by mouth, but can not drink with their tongues, as  carnivorous animals do, using only the tongue to drink.

3. Jaw movement: our ability to grind food is unique to plant eaters. We have the ability for lateral movement of our jaws . Carnivores do not have this ability, it is impossible for them.

4. Saliva: Plant eating animals (including healthy people) have alkaline saliva, adapted for digestion of carbohydrates. Carnivores have acidic pH of saliva.

5. Stomach: carnivores stomach  has a round shape and emits 10 times more hydrochloric acid than the stomach of plant eaters (and ours). The stomach of herbivores is oblong with a complex structure.

6. Liver: plant eater’s liver, including human, is able to eliminate only small amounts of uric acid. In contrast, the liver of carnivores is much more active, capable of removing from the body 10 -15 times more uric acid than the orangutan and human liver. Uric acid is contained in meat and meat-eaters have an enzyme called uricase to  metabolize uric acid. We do not have this enzyme, so we need to neutralize the strong acid with our alkalizing minerals, mainly calcium. The resulting crystals of uric calcium are one of many pathogens in humans who eat the meat, which in this case are exacerbated or contribute to the formation of urinary gout, arthritis, rheumatism and bursitis.

7. Colon:  plant eaters (and human) has a digestive system 12 times longer than the length of  our torsos . This allows the body to slow the absorption of sugars and other substances diluted in water with fruit. In contrast to us, gastrointestinal tract of carnivores is only three times longer than their torso. This is necessary in order to avoid rotting  of flesh inside the animal.

8.Sugar metabolism: glucose and fructose, found in fruits, provides fuel for our cells without overloading our pancreas (unless you eat a lot of fat). Carnivores do not deal well with sugar. They are prone to diabetes, when the staple of their diet is fruit.


9. Digestive enzymes: our digestive enzymes are easily adapted to digest the fruit. We produce ptyalin, also known as salivary amylase to start the process of digestion of fruit. Carnivorous animals do not produce ptyalin and have completely different proportions of digestive enzymes.

10. Fat metabolism: Humans do not handle more that small amounts of fat. Carnivores feel great on a high-fat diet.

11. Tolerance of germs: most carnivores can digest germs and microbes that are deadly to humans, such as those that cause botulism.


12. Hands: we have hands with long fingers. Our opposable thumbs make us well equipped to collect fruit for a meal in a few seconds. The claws of predators allow them to catch prey also in a few seconds. Just like we could not catch and tear the skin a deer with his bare hands, so the lion could not collect apples or bananas.


13. Sleep: people usually are awake 15 hours a day. Carnivores sleep and rest usually 18 to 20, and sometimes more hours in a day.

14. Vision: our sense of sight has a full spectrum of colors, allowing you to distinguish ripe from unripe fruit at a distance. Carnivorous animals usually do not see all the colors.


15. Meal size: fruit is proportional to our nutritional requirements. Fits in your hand. A few pieces of fruit enough to become a meal, leaving nothing to waste. Carnivores eat mostly the whole animal they kill.


16Cleanliness: human is the most sensitive of all the animals in terms of the purity of our food. Carnivores are the least picky eating dirt, bugs and other organic elements with their food.

17. Birth: people usually have one baby at a time. Carnivorous animals have litters.

18Nipples: predators have numerous nipples on their bellies, people have one pair of nipples.

19. Diet pH: carnivorous animals feel great on an acidic diet, while this diet is deadly to humans and it is the beginning of many disease states. For a human the best food is alkalizing.


20. Natural appetite: our mouths water at the sights and smells of a fruit market. These are live products, which are the source of our food. But the smell of the animals usually repels us. Even dismembered, raw meat is not appetizing to us. We do not want to bite off a piece. Even cooked meat without salt, and taste masking spices and condiments for us is not encouraging. Carnivores mouths water when they feel the scent of prey, they react to this smell like the smell of food.

You can perform a simple test indicating a natural instinct:

Take a 2 – year old child, a rabbit and an apple and put them together in a crib. If a child eats the rabbit and starts to play with an apple, then you can be sure that a human is a meat eater  ;)


The last, but perhaps most important:

EMPATHY: We get emotional at the sight of small animals, whether they are puppies, piglets or lamb. Pets are our friends, movie’s characters , we are touched by their love and intelligence. If we live with them, we love them as a family member and  the best friends. We are against the killing and cruelty to animals. Recently the whole world was shocked after the giraffe of  the Copenhagen Zoo was killed. When some animal manages to escape from the transport to the slaughterhouse, everybody roots for him to manage to survive. We turn our head when we see violence against animals, we are not able to look at it.

I want to show you a funny video and how it meaningfully reflects our true nature :) :


Once upon a time there was a Snow Queen. She used to like the cold and ate only raw food, that’s why she was always healthy, beautiful and young …

This is not a fairy tail, because this “Queen” was Alexandra Zajaczek, also known as the Ice Lady. She was born in 1754, married a Polish governor of the Polish Kingdom who was the Napoleonic Army General Joseph Zajaczek. At a very young age she was dancing at the court of the Great Lithuanian Hetman Michał Kazimierz Olgiński, and the age of 15, she was a prima donna in the court ballet. She became famous throughout Europe not only because of her charm, beauty and charisma, but also eternal youth. At the age of 90 people gave her no more than 50 years! At the age of 82 years Balzac gave her the maximum 35.  When she was 70, young man dueled for her, one even lost his life.


Alexandra at her 70.

Has Alexandra inherited amazing genes? Perhaps, however she worked hard all her life to keep her beauty. Most publications about her focus on her passion for the cold temperatures. The first lady of the Polish Kingdom has always slept with the open window, even in winter when frosts spirited. In summer, she asked the maids to fill basins with ice and  placed them under the bed. She also was changing beds  several times during the night to soak in the cool sheets.


In the morning the tortures did not end, as she took a  in bath in the icy water, and then run barefoot in the meadows, or horseback riding, and later was massaging the body with ice and wax.


The cold was her ally and current science – cryotherapy confirms the beneficial effects of cold on the body. Science actually learns what nature has invented a long time ago.


The Ice Lady would have been very happy with such a bed!


Preparing to sleep in the Palace of the Governor 😉

BUT! Some sources tell us also what was her diet. Alexandra was RAW VEGAN! She ate raw vegetables and fruits, and if they were cooked, then  she ate them only when cold.


What a surprise! 😉 Raw living food, such as by Nature made it for us is perfect. It provides a complex of vitamins, minerals, enzymes and essential fatty acids (and hundreds of thousands of ingredients that scientists are only beginning to discover) to achieve and maintain a wonderful health.


Animals in the wild do not cook their food, and do not age like humans. They maintain the youth and vigor till the last moments. No gray hair, arthritis, diabetes, or heart attacks. Nature does not want us to get sick, and about 70 trillion ( cells in our body, from birth to Death, working on it, so we can enjoy life at its highest level! If we needed cooked food, we would be born with a stove and pot in our hands.
Each raw fooder confirms that after transition to this style of eating they felt much better, recovered and rejuvenated both mentally and physically.
We all know the contemporary raw foodists examples of which time forgot:


Tonya Zavasta, 54 years old


Anette Larkins,  71 years old



Dr. Brian Clement, about 70 years old


Dr. Robert O. Young, 64 years old

I am very curious how the general’s wife find out her information, because for sure it was not much commonly known in the eighteenth century. Can you imagine being a raw food eater those days? And we think that we are now  the minority! Yes, she was the wife of the governor, lived in the Palace of the Governor, currently Presidential and had  maids and passed her carefree days on horseback and balls in the European salons. She had no bosses, has not been blocked in traffic or paid off the loans. But who would sacrifice like that? Especially that she  could be covered in luxuries, and people certainly looked at her as a freak.

palac namiest

Governor’s Palace, now the Presidential Palace in Warsaw, Poland.

We live in the age of information, especially the Internet allows us to reach virtually every issue; you can spread the information through your friends, books, blogs and videos on youtube through the whole world. Be the change you want to see in the universe,  Gandhi said.
The Ice Queen probably died at the age of 9o. She was buried in the church of the Capuchin in Warsaw in Miodowa Street and you’ll find a plaque commemorating her life.




How often do you eat beets? I recently started to eat them raw and every day.  Do not be afraid to try! The taste is different than those cooked, but mixing it with other vegetables and just pour a good sauce for sure you will like it!

It’s really Worth eating it!  here is what I prepared about it:



BEET is a valuable vegetable that we eat especially in the winter , you often do not have a lot of fresh and valuable products on hand. Beet is a superfood, which is a product with outstanding nutritional value , in addition you will get it at any grocery store !
Beetroot is one of the leading vegetables in the arsenal to prevent cancer. Its medical use dates back to ancient Rome , when beet was a treatment for fever and constipation.
Hippocrates, the father of medicine, advocated the use of beet leaves for wound care. In the Middle Ages, people used the vegetables to treat various diseases , especially in problems with digestion and blood.
However, beet renaissance occurred only in 1950  by the Hungarian physician Alexander Ferenczi . He worked exclusively with patients who had undergone chemotherapy and radiotherapy and were in the final stages of cancer . All patients of Dr. Ferenczi responded positively to the treatment. . He noted clinical improvement in each case. The treatment was so strong that in some cases the  patient’s liver was overloaded.
The later experiments of Dr. Ferenczi, based on dosing in patients approximately 1 kg grated raw beets, helped in the fight against leukemia and cancer.
In another study, 22 patients who had an advanced stage of cancer, were given about 20 grams of beet juice per day for 3 – 4 months . All but one showed a dramatic improvement in their health.

The study confirms the power of sugar .

Scientists show beyond doubt that a high intake of fruits and vegetables may reduce the risk of developing cancer and other diseases. Beets , in particular, are extremely rich in unique chemical compounds used to fight cancer.
The beautiful intense scarlet color comes from beet betacyanins , a natural compound that is a powerful agent in the fight against cancer. Beets also contain powerful health-promoting components called betalains .
One of the best- studied betalains in beets is called betanin. Betanin has outstanding anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and brings detoxifying . According to the World ‘s healthiest food ( Healthiest Food World – a website maintained by the George Mateljan Foundation a non – profit organization dedicated to promoting a healthier world ) , laboratory tests have shown that dyes betanin may hinder the growth of cancer cells in tissues as:



Scientists say that these powerful ingredients in sugar act synergically to prevent and combat cancer and other diseases. Besides betalains , the vegetables with anti- cancer properties, in particular beets contain large amounts of other important trace elements such as :

vitamin C
folic acid
Allantoin , a powerful alkaloid
Beetroot is one of the most rejuvenating vegetables that exists and improves the performance of virtually every system in the human body . Here are some of them:

Increases strength and endurance
It stimulates the immune system
It stimulates the secretion of bile
Prevents colds and flu
Reconstructs the blood (and thus blocks the growth of cancer cells )
It accelerates cell growth
Regulates blood pressure
It lowers the body temperature
It strengthens the skin and veins
It removes heavy metals and toxins from the brain
It accelerates the production of red blood cells ( which improves cellular oxygenation ) and cures anemia
It helps you get shiny hair , smooth skin and strong nails
It cleanses and detoxifies the liver , kidneys and bladder
removes constipation
Cures leukemia and other cancers
Because beet juice has such tremendous power , it is advisable to introduce it gradually , in very small quantities , to gradually increase the dose over time .
It is also recommended beet juice mixing with other milder juices as carrot juice , cucumbers or apples.
People with chronic liver or kidney disease should exercise extreme caution and drink very small doses of diluted juice.


Rejuvenating the skin – anti – aging

The high content of folic acid in sugar stimulates the production and the repairing of cells, which helps protect against premature aging. In addition, it has a lot of calcium, iron, potassium, phosphorus, manganese, cobalt, vitamin B1, vitamin C, beta carotene, dietary fiber and has of course alcalyze forming properties. Beetroot is one of the products that we should always have in the pantry and eat as often as possible.

Beet juice can also be used directly on the skin as makeup, here Megan Elizabeth shows how to use sugar instead of blush to the cheeks:

Beet juice also works well as a rejuvenating facial mask, even Cleopatra applied it. Beneficial effects of the masks are based on  strong antioxidant properties, which prevents the decomposition of collagen in the skin which is responsible for its firmness. Of course, I would not recommend applying the same grated beetroot juice on the face or because your skin is stained pink, but it can be combined with clay mask or your favorite fruit.

Apparently, after a few weeks of frequent use of the masks,  spots , blemishes or imperfections will disappear. It does not hurt to try;)


First question people usually ask when learning that someone is vegan is: Where do you get your proteins? If I got a dollar, every time I heard this question, I would be very rich 🙂 protein_full1

Proteins are a very important part of our diet, they are a component of the cytoplasm, the building blocks of the tissue cells. More specifically,  a protein consists of 20 amino acid basic nutrients with which the body forms the cells, muscles, tissues, enzymes, hormones, etc.

Where do aminoacids come from?

Plants are able to produce all 20 amino acids thanks to the ability to assimilate carbon dioxide from the air and nitrogen from the soil. Humans produse only 12, so eight essential amino acids must be taken from the diet. Which are:

  • leucine
  • isoleucine
  • lysine
  • methionine
  • phenylalanine
  • threonine
  • tryptophan
  • valine


The biggest and strongest animals in the world are herbivores. They do not produce all of the amino acids, as well as humans. Amino acids that animals must supply with food are the same as ours. So there is nothing to do with the fact that ruminants have different stomachs, because their task is not to produce amino acids. So where do  these huge and beautiful animals  take protein? Hmmm… zwierzeta 3

How much proteins a day?

The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends that 5% of daily intake of calories comes from proteins. This means that men consuming 3000 calories a day  need 38 grams of proteins. How to calculate it? 3000 calories multiply by 5%, gives 150 calories from protein. 1 to 4 grams of protein calories, so 150 divided by four gives 37.5 , rounded to 38. A woman that consumes 2,300 calories a day  needs 29 grams of proteins. But for  safety and security  and just to be sure  we provide enough proteins, consider how much proteins are consumed daily by a human infant in the most heightened period of growth in life. Many people are surprised  that women’s milk has only 2 – 5% of proteins. And after infancy, growth and development certainly do not need more proteins, if not less.

Do plants contain enough protein?

So let’s see the protein content of various foods:

  Whole wheat flour 16
   Oatmeal 15
   White flour 11
   Brown rice 9
   Cornmeal 9
   White rice 7
   Starchy Vegetables
  Peas 28
   Black beans 27
Kidney Beans 27
   Corn 11
  Cassava 10
  Potatoes 8
   Sweet potatoes 7
    Green Vegetables
   Spinach 51
   Broccoli 42
  Asparagus 42
   Lettuce 40
   Onions 32
  Mushrooms 12
   Carrots 10
    Animal Products
   Cottage cheese 68
   Beef 53
Chicken 46
  Salmon 43
 Skim milk 39
  Egg 32
  Pork 29
  Cheddar cheese 25
  Whole milk 21
  Human milk 5

Have you noticed that the percentage of proteins in spinach is more than in chicken? As you can see, the amino acids are everywhere and it is very difficult for the proteins to lack in the diet. The exceptions are African children with swollen bellies, they do not have any kind of food.

Do plants contain all the essential amino acids?

In the 40’s of the twentieth century  Dr. William Rose conducted an experiment on humans to find out  how much proteins humans needed daily. His research showed that just 20 grams per day were needed. Part of his research was the experiment on humans, giving them a single plant product in order to check if it covered  the demand for all 8 essential amino acids.  Below the results of Dr. Rose. As you can see, vegetables have more than enough amino acids:

Amino acids Dr. Rose’s
Corn Brown Rice Oatmeal White flour White Bean
Tryptophan 0.5 0.66 0.71 1.4 1.4 18
Phenylalaline 0.56 6.13 3.1 5.8 5.9 10.9
Leucine 2.20 12.0 5.5 8.1 8.0 17.0
Isoleucine 1.4 4.1 3.0 5.6 5.2 11.3
Lysine 1.6 4.1 2.5 4.0 3.2 14.7
Vailine 1.6 6.8 4.5 6.4 5.5 12.1
Methionine 0.22 2.1 1.1 1.6 1.8 2.0
Threonine 1.0 4.5 2.5 3.6 3.5 8.5
 Total protein 37 109 64 108 120 198

Other fruits and vegetables:

Amino acids Taro Asparagus Broccoli Tomatoes Pumpkin
Tryptophan 1.0 3.9 3.8 1.4 1.5
Phenylalanine 3.0 10.2 12.2 4.3 3.0
Leucine 5.2 14.6 16.5 6.1 6.0
Isoleucine 3.0 11.9 12.8 4.4 4.3
Lysine 3.4 15.5 14.8 6.3 5.5
Vailine 3.5 16.0 17.3 4.2 4.3
Methionine 0.6 5.0 5.1 1.1 1.0
Threonine 2.7 9.9 12.5 4.9 2.7
Total protein 58 330 338 150 115

And animal products:

Amino acids Steak Egg Milk
Tryptophan 3.1 3.8 2.3
Phenylalanine 11.2 13.9 7.7
Leucine 22.4 21.0 15.9
Isoleucine 14.3 15.7 10.3
Lysine 23.9 15.3 12.5
Vailine 15.1 17.7 11.7
Methionine 6.8 7.4 3.9
Threonine 12.1 12.0 74
Total protein 276 238 160

For a long time it was believed (and most people still believe) that bodybuilders and other athletes needed much more proteins than ordinary people. The truth is that athletes need a little more protein, which is easily supplied by an increased calorific value or volume of meals.

A vegan diet is great for athletes.

Here are some of them: joel kirkillis

Joel Kirkillis

Channa Serenity

Channa Serenity


Frank Medrano


Erin Moubray

robert cheeke

Robert Cheeke

Patrik Baboumian

Patrik Baboumian while slogging world record in the transfer of 550 kg at a distance of 10 meters.


Ania Natkowska (me :P)

What if you consume too much proteins?

Over the years, the myths about proteins have been multiplied. Huge  meat and dairy industries stand behind it, they don’t want us to eat less of their products. Pharmaceutical companies also have their deserved share in this because no market gives more income than the diseases. On one hand, we are bombed with commercials of yoghurt, cheese and junk food and on the other hand about medications. Interesting;) I remind your that in the 70’s of the twentieth century doctors declared that smoking was healthy and advertised Camel cigarettes.

The average citizen of the developed countries consume too much proteins, and this is prone to the development of  diseases such as:

  • Kidney Disease: When people eat too much proteins, they provide the body with too much nitrogen compounds, which are very chargeable to the kidneys, causing them to  work hard, so the excesses are removed from the body. There is therefore the risk of kidney stones. People who have trouble with kidneys should maintain a low-protein diet. Nitrites also raise the risk of cancer, can damage hemoglobin leading to hypoxic of tissues and organs.


  • Cancer: meat eaters are exposed to colon cancer as well as other types of cancer, which was confirmed by the World Cancer Research Fund and American Institute for Cancer Research, Food, Nutrition, and  Prevention of Cancer and the former Italian health minister Umberto Veronesi, about who I wrote here already.

ProteinChinaStudy rak

  • Osteoporosis: Contrary to general opinion and media promotion, dairy products contribute to the development of osteoporosis. Milk, contrary to popular opinion, does not strengthen bones, but it damages them. Protein included in the dairy products leaches calcium from the bones. In countries where most dairy products are consumed , such as the U.S. and Sweden, there are most cases of osteoporosis, whereas in Asia, where these products are almost not consumed at all, suffering from osteoporosis is very rare.


  • Diabetes: The relationship between diabetes and dairy albumin contained in milk, which cause an autoimmune response of the body, destroys the insulin-producing pancreatic cells. The largest proportion of cases of diabetes occurs in Finland, where milk consumption is the highest in the world.


Percentage is often confused with grams, because we are accustomed to hear that the fat in milk is 2% or 3.2%, and the composition is seen as if there are such  grams of fat for every 100 ml.  This is misleading because carbohydrates and proteins have 4 calories and fat  has 9 calories, so milk, whose fat content is 3% weight, in terms of caloric content is 48%.
In other words, if you pour a tablespoon of oil in a glass of water, the weight will actually be a low percentage, but in terms of caloric value, it will be 100% calories from fat.

protein calories

Comparison of a meal containing 500 calories of plant origin with a meal of animal origin for the content of cholesterol, fat, protein, beta carotene, dietary fiber, vitamin C, folic acid, vitamin E, iron, magnesium and calcium.

So spinach has 51% of calories coming from proteins because it’s very low in calories but does not have 51 grams of proteins.  However, this is the perfect proportion for a man, because herbivorous animals are powerful and strong, and vegan bodybuilders are big and have strong muscles. And that’s why eating fruits and vegetables, we are not able to eat too much proteins, so do not help yourself in having the above-mentioned diseases. The addition of seeds, nuts and oils raises both calorific value and the percentage of protein and fat, so they must be used to a limited extent.


Of course, vegans and raw foodists consume large amounts of fruits and vegetables, to provide a proper amount of calories to meet the demand for micro-and macro-nutrients. A person on a traditional diet can be surprised by the amount of food that raw foodists eat, but to us it really tastes good and feels great, thanks.


To wrap up: fruits, vegetables, seeds and nuts are great sources of proteins, especially: spinach, broccoli, kale, almonds, chickpeas, lentils, peanut butter, seeds, peas, tofu, brown rice, beans, sprouts, quinoa.

AND YOU? Where do you get your proteins? 😉

Sources: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8,  “Wszystko o Wegetarianizmie”, Maria Grodecka, “China Study” T.C. Campbell, T. M. Campbell.

Finally someone of the high – level officials dares to say it! Let me summarize  you what the former Italian minister of health  and director of the European Institute of Oncology, who devoted all his life to cancer treatment said:

“Meat is cancerogenic and I’m going to reveal you why nobody is talking about it.”


It has been scientifically proven  that humans who eat animal products have higher risk to contract  many kinds of cancer by 30%, specially cancer of breasts, colon, prostate, pancreas, bladder and lungs. Eating meat leads to increased risk of metabolic diseases, cardio-vascular disorders related to blood cholesterol level, heart attacks, diabetes and obesity.
Excess of nitrogen in meat is also cause of various kinds of nephropathy  (kidney diseases), hyperuricemia (increased uric acid in blood), gout and so on. Even minor ailments such as constipation and varicose are almost exclusively of those who eat animal products.

Professor Umberto Veronesi who was recognized as “one of the top four oncologists of our century in the world” stated that meat is cancerogenic and it is the cause of almost all degenerative diseases and urges people to exclude it from the diet. He added:

“Many people ask me why nobody is aware of it. Because doctors do not tell you and the public media denies. The primary reason is misinformation coming from universities  and medical journals. Professors at university teach false things (…) Medical journals more likely depend financially on international pharmaceutical companies (…) Many doctors and scientist conducting extended research have to be undercover and are aware of the danger of meat consumption, but their hands are tied. I am a scientist with international reputation, so I can afford the luxury of telling the truth. If they have done so, they probably would have lost their jobs.

The food industry and pharmaceutical companies go hand in hand, one needs the other to survive and these two entities together produce about 20 times more income than the entire oil industries  in the world together. So you can understand that economic interests are the basis of this misinformation. If you consider that every patient with cancer in the United States gives pharmaceutical companies $ 250,000 you will understand that this misinformation is intentional and these corporations want you to get sick and so they can pretend to heal you.

“Verso la scelta vegetariana – the tumor is prevented also at the table” Umberto Veronesi and  Mario Pappagallo.


I wanted to tell you about another method to cleanse the body which is the mono-diet . On one hand, it is a more difficult treatment compared to the fruit and vegetable diet, (which I described here) , on the other hand it’s easier. It can be difficult for people who like diversity because as the name suggests, you eat the same thing over and over again. It’s easier  if you prefer to eat something ” solid ” like bananas , cereals or potatoes.

Mono diet is , as the name suggests , eating only one product for some period of time . It can be performed in many ways, for example to eat one type of fruit (excluding dried ) or grains or even cooked potatoes . Mono -diets based on chocolate or crisps can not be done , at least I would not recommend it 😉 .

This type of purification can be carried out for a limited time . Some sources say that it can take up to 6 days, some for two weeks , and many people recommend even a 30 – days treatments, in case of eating the same fruit.

www rainbow-market

The body is purifying during this treatment because it has to digest only one macroelement throughout its duration, in this case carbohydrate with very little of other macronutrients.. This is completely unheard  in our civilized world to digest so quickly and easily as on a mono diet . For each macroelements such as carbohydrates, proteins and fats, there are different enzymes needed. A complete meal typically consists  of at least two  and most often three macroelements. During the digestion of carbohydrates, the other two digestive  enzymes of protein and fat are blocked. So the meal is digested  3 times longer than if we eat the macronutrients separately. Our meals usually contain a dozen of ingredients and each of them separately has a different period of digestion, which totally messes up our digestion. Without going into the details of biochemistry, a human body, especially on a traditional diet, is in a constant state of digestion. Or even worse , often  it does not manage to completely digest a meal when we put another meal in our stomach.
As I described in the first part, why we need detox, the maximum strain on the digestive organs does not allow the body to do other activities, and usually the organs do not have any time and energy left.
Deep-seated toxins have been  ” crammed ” in the farthest corners of the body, and removal is not possible due to the continuing state of digestion.
Restoring damaged tissue gets rid of plaque . We have more energy than usual, because it does not have to be spent on a very aggravating digestion.
For this cleansing one should  prepare a few days before  eating only plant products, ditch caffeine, alcohol , cigarettes and processed food (if someone still eats it ) .
This is a great way to  change your diet permanently. Many people  got rid of problems with candida , certain food allergies, skin problems , stomach and intestinal problems , mood swings and lack of energy in this way.
If you perform a mono diet based on fruits , it is best to have ripe fruit with high energy, such as bananas, grapes, and mango (a more expensive choice), although some people do not feel the hunger even eating only the fruits containing more water and less sweet, apples, pears , or even melons and watermelons , or any other . It is important to eat as much as is wanted , without limitation whether the amount of fruit or food. It makes no sense to count calories, and the information about fattening properties of bananas should be inserted in a  fairy tale . You should always have some food with you when you are outside in case of a sudden attack of hunger. Although fruits provide a lot of water in the body , do not forget to drink fluids. In this case, I would not recommend this method during a long trip, because you may have very frequent visits to the bathroom : D



Grape monodiet  deserves a separate article. Known and appreciated during the days of the Greek philosophers, it cleans the liver, bile ducts , blood and digestive system. It helps to lower blood pressure , cleanse the skin and has a positive effect on the reproductive system. Regulates the heart and circulatory system, strengthens the muscles of the face , rejuvenates the skin and soothes the nervous system, helps regulate estrogen levels. It contains a lot of vitamin A , B (especially B1 and B6 ), C and  E , a lot of vitamin K , and Omega 3. Grapes also provide a lot of minerals: phosphorus , calcium, iron, potassium , magnesium, a lot of manganese, zinc , copper . Besides pectin , tannins , polyphenols , flavonoids and carotene . You should not spit the grape seed , because  it contains  (and  the skin too )  valuable anti-cancer ingredients , which helps to cure the diseases of the circulatory system .



Banana island diet is recommended especially for people with sensitive digestive system . This version of the diet, together with the above-described grape , is very energetic , sufficient to meet our caloric intake during the day , so we are sure that we will have enough energy. There are no quantitative restrictions , you can eat as many bananas as you like . The condition is eating ripe fruits of yellow color with numerous brown spots on the skin . It is one of the easiest cures , bananas are quivk to eat, and  bananas are the cheapest among the fruits . Bananas contain an amino acid called tryptophan, which releases serotonin in the brain responsible for our well being. It works this way as a natural sedative and makes you calm and happy : D Bananas have great influence on the results in endurance sports , improve metabolism  if they are not combined with other products. So when monodiet is based on bananas I recommend to be always  near a toilet 😉 They contain vitamin A , folic acid,  vitamins B (especially the magnitude vitamin B6 ) , a lot of vitamin C, vitamin E and little K. Bananas are known for their content of potassium , which is actually decent, however, they have much more manganese , copper , magnesium, zinc, selenium , phosphorus, iron, calcium and Omega 3.

bananas 1

Banana soup 🙂

juicy fruit

Citrus mono-island cleanses the lymphatic system and bloodstream. It helps strengthen the immune system. In this case, I consider one component of oranges, grapefruit and lemons as a whole and in the form of freshly squeezed juice. It’s a real vitamin bomb. They contain lots of vitamins A, C, B and vitamin E. Oranges are a great source of calcium, copper, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, selenium, potassium, zinc and a little of Omega 3. After eating tart fruits, I recommend to rinse your mouth with water, to protect tooth enamel. Do not discard the White tissue under the skin, as it contains valuable nutrients. Official sources say that the treatment should be carried out for three days, although I know people who have been on it a few weeks and feel great.

apples-24 (1)

Apple mono-island. Apples contain a lot of pectin , cleanse the digestive tract and help to lower cholesterol and improve the work of the heart. The diet consist in eating raw apples , but if you want, you can also cook or bake them in the oven (much worse choice than raw , but if you will  remain on the mono-island and satisfy your hunger for sweets , I recommend it ) . Apples contain vitamin A , folic acid, some  vitamins B (especially B2 and B6 ), vitamin C , vitamin E and K. Apples have a lot of minerals such as copper, magnesium, manganese , phosphorus and potassium , some calcium, iron and zinc , and a bit of both Omega 3 and 6.

One of the versions of the mono fruit diet is to take each day a different fruit: the first day  bananas, apples the second , third day grapes , etc. or fruit mono meals. This version is much easier to perform , because it allows to eat a variety of fruits, without combining them in a single meal. So, for example, grapes for breakfast , snack – apple, dinner – bananas, snack – strawberries , dinner – pear. Many raw foodists , who follow the style of 80/10/10 (80% of calories come from carbohydrates, 10 % protein , 10% from fat ) basically eat it all the time , including a diet of green leaves and other vegetables. The summer is the perfect time , we have plenty of ripe seasonal fruit and you can eat a lot of them  🙂 This is a great way for people on vacation. Everywhere we can find a market , shop or greengrocery to buy a kilogram or two of fruit and bring them to the beach.


Other versions of mono diets provide  cooked cereals such as  millet , wheat and rice .

I would recommend millet from the above mentioned grains , since this is the only cereal that alcalyzes the body, it does not contain gluten and removes any harmful mucus from the body, caused by poor nutrition , which is a breeding ground for microorganisms. Millet is very good when we have a cold, you might want to exclude other foods from the diet and eat only hot millet.  Cook millet in water without salt and eat as many servings as you want during the day . It is very satisfying , so you are not hungry during this mono-island. Keep in mind to drink a large amount of water. Millet is rich in folic acid,  vitamins B , copper, iron , magnesium , manganese , zinc , phosphorus, it also contains potassium, selenium, and a bit of Omega 3 and 6.

Wheat mono-Island  comes from Chinese medicine, which is often incompatible with raw foods , but I have to mention this treatment . Chinese medicine divides people on the yang (warm ) and jing ( cold ) . People that have cold  feet and hands should be especially careful during this mono-island, and carry it on no longer than 3 days, and people with type yang up to 12 days. During the therapy, you eat the cooked wheat  3 times a day as much as you want. Some sources say that you can eat also green leafy vegetables with the wheat. Please note that wheat contains gluten , so people with intolerance to this amino acid , or simply avoiding gluten , should not carry on this treatment. Some sources say that the gluten harms only those people intolerant to gluten. Everyone has to decide whether he likes it this way . I do not know much about Chinese medicine , which is 3,000 years old, I read a little bit about Ayurveda , which has 5000 years, so I respect it , although in many ways it is inconsistent with raw foods . Grains should be soaked overnight and cook them  for 2 hours . Wheat contains folic acid, most of the  vitamins B , vitamin E, copper, iron, magnesium, phosphorus , zinc, selenium and some potassium and calcium , some Omega 3 and 6.


Rice mono-island consists of eating  cooked brown rice . The ancients believed that eating whole grains leaded to the development of a peaceful mind, nutritionists call it the healthiest grain. Rice is a very highly regarded cereal in Asia, it retains vitality for a very long time. Apparently, some of the grains found in the tombs have germinated after several thousand years. Rice provides a lot of energy and it is extremely satiating . It provides the body with magnesium, iron , calcium, potassium, vitamins B and pantothenic acid . If you  eat with no fat it helps to regulate blood sugar levels , lowers cholesterol , stimulates digestion, neutralizes the excess of gastric juices and has a positive effect on the heart. It contains a lot of carbohydrates that provide energy to the body and proteins; rice is valued by athletes . It will give you a lot of energy , endurance and contributes to longevity. Rice mono-Island can be carried out for a few days. Rice is rich in folic acid and vitamin B complex , copper, magnesium , phosphorus, manganese, and calcium , potassium iron and a little of Omega 3 and 6.


Potato mono-island –  cook organic potatoes in their skin  in a small amount of water and then eat it together with the water. If you add more water, you can eat it as soup or also bake potatoes in their skin in the oven. This method is particularly recommended for gastric and duodenal ulcers, constipation, edema. Potatoes (with the skin and the water in which they were cooked) contain vitamins, folic acid, many of the vitamin B complex, vitamin K, and a little bit of vitamins A and E, tons of copper, iron, manganese, a lot of magnesium, potassium, phosphorus and calcium, a little of selenium and omega-3

Mono-diet can be boring and difficult to carry out, if you do not have a strong motivation and discipline. In this case you can  do a 1  day of mono-island every week, on the same day of the week. Such a treatment will work in a similar way, on the basis of the resonance, will be stretched only in a longer time.

Namaste <3

Finally spring has come, I hope that you  enjoy it and spend a lot of time in Nature 🙂

Despite the beautiful weather, many people may feel weakness, deterioration of the skin and hair condition, increased drowsiness, and irritability. Winter has been difficult for everybody, but we do not have to wait idly until it passes, just take things into your own hands. Nature is waking up to life again and we are a part of it. Some people have more serious problems than the swollen eyes and lack of energy and further medications only hide the symptoms.


People often focus on the superficial signs and they want prompt solutions.

We spend hundreds, thousands and tens of thousand of dollars for cosmetic  and surgical treatments,  doctors, pills, injections, you name it. But if you do not take care of what is inside you, it will make no sense. This can be compared to a building which has still the sewer clogged. No matter how a fashionable interior designer would arrange it with taste, buy the most expensive furniture and accessories,  clogged pipes would  ruin everything. You can imagine. The idea is that if you do not take care of your “pipes” and filters then you  will be clogged with dirt from the inside and become a ticking time bomb.

Why detox is important?

Many dieticians discourage any kind of cleansing treatments, claiming that we have proper organs like the liver, kidneys, spleen, lungs, skin, etc.  and it’s their job to do it. Nature is never wrong. So why bother of detox? Nature did not intend, however, that we consume refined, denatured food produced in a lab full of preservatives, flavor enhancers, steroids, hormones and pesticides. We should not inhale the vapors of chemical detergents to clean our homes and toxic paint on the walls, as well as the use of all kinds of cosmetics based on petroleum or  take medicines as candies filling our teeth  with mercury, breathe polluted air, dealing with electromagnetic smog, car noise and living in constant stress. Water Drops




The fact that we survive in the modern world is almost a miracle and we should be grateful to our bodies for this  hard work.

Our body is programmed to live and prosper . However all these additional difficulties slow down its work , so bombing it all the time, day after day, under damaging conditions , which we call civilization, makes it no more able to complete the task. Often we do not realize it , but day after day, year after year,  problems could arise just by creating deposits and literally we “sweep the problem under the carpet” .
Therefore, I believe that detox is necessary. If we allow our body to take a break from the constant digestion, it  will sweep away all the garbage from the deep. If someone eats traditionally  I would recommend to stop eating the animal products , fried and processed fats , sweets, alcohol and other drugs  (if prescribed by a doctor, consult with him) a few days before. Do not be too afraid of a lack of nutrients , which so often scare specialists. Detox lasts a short period of time and, being our  tissues contaminated  , even eating a highly nutritious food, we are not able to absorb the ingredients.
At the beginning of each detox you may feel headache , weakness or hunger , which is caused by the release of toxins , deep within the tissues to the blood. If you continue the detox, the headache and hunger will end after 2-3 days .
When it comes to nutrient deficiency , which  scares some nutritionists , I believe that every day you should pay attention to this , and a few days or weeks, certainly it will do us no harm. It will also  heal the digestive system and improve the absorption of substances , which are often not  assimilated , due to the contamination.
People with serious illnesses related to drug medication are recommended to contact a positively oriented doctor before and during treatment.
I will describe some of the key  ways, in my opinion, to carry out purification. Today I want to introduce you one of the ways to cleanse the body .




Diet of Dr. Ewa Dabrowska – vegetable diet

MD Ewa Dabrowska – a long standing employee of the Medical University of Gdansk, where she worked until 1999 as a lecturer in the Department of Internal Medicine. She conducted research in immunology in 1978, and gained a doctorate in medical science.

In 1992, she wrote a paper “The importance of immunological disorders in late cutaneous porphyria”, which was to serve as the basis for a habilitation dissertation. The dissertation hasn’t been written, because the conclusions of this paper turned her attention to the priority of the, so far unappreciated, role of nutrition in the treatment of the diseases of civilization. She decided to develop, prove and practice her theory.

The result of this research was to develop an innovative vegetable- fruit diet, which not only has detoxifying qualities but also and supports one’s own self-healing mechanisms.

The vegetable-fruit diet which essential is fasting treatment, is used as an interim treatment, provides enzymes, microelements and vitamins, positively alcalizes and detoxifies enhances their own self healing mechanism to restore body balance.

Principles of vegetable-fruit diet treatment

The vegetable- fruit diet is composed exclusively of low-starch and low-sugar plants, such as:

  • root vegetables (carrots , beets, celery , radish, parsley , horseradish)
  • brassicas ( cabbage, cauliflower ) , onion,  garlic, leeks.
  • cucurbits (cucumbers , especially pickled , squash , pumpkin )
  • leafy (lettuce , celery , herbs and spices )
  • nightshades (tomatoes , peppers )
  • fruits (apples, grapefruits, lemons )
  • sea salt

In comparison with traditional nutrition it provides five times fewer calories (800 kcal / day) and also protein and carbohydrates, and fat is 20 – fold lower, and therefore it is a kind therapeutic medically supervised fasting. During such a restrictive diet the entire metabolism switches to burning, cleansing and regeneration. The urine shows a trace of acetone, since acetone and other ketone bodies are formed in the process of burning fat, and is used as fuel for the brain during fasting. The process has a powerful self-healing potential.

The basic fuel for the brain is glucose, and its provisions in the body are low, mainly as glycogen in the liver and it is only enough for one day of fasting. Because glucose is essential for the brain, that is why during the diet all deposits of protein that is damaged, degenerated or dead cells, tissue, blood clots, tumors, abscesses, scars, etc.are turned into glucose. This kind of transformation is called “internal nutrition”. Adherence to the diet results in the subsiding of the feeling of hunger. Often, the desire for sweets, meat and other drugs disappears. The reason for the absence of hunger is the shut- off of the hunger center, which is located in the cerebral medulla. When 800 kcal are exceeded, which can happen in case of enriching the diet with high-calorie foods, such as raisins or dates, the hunger center may turn on and the feeling of hunger may return. In this case, the process of internal nutrition and self-medication is interrupted.

Sometimes, it can be observed, even in early stages of the diet how quickly the body removes all protein deposits, thyroid nodules, including nodules at the joints of the toe decrease , contractures and stiffness of joints retreat and mobility improves. We observed in our patients as locked in bent-hand fingers or legs, that were supposed to be operated, straightened up after two weeks of the diet. Similarly, a long-lasting contracture in the elbow in a patient suffering for 15 years of rheumatoid retreated after three weeks of the diet.

The body is purified and also by the excretion of mucus, the symptoms may be temporary cold, mucus in the stool or urine. Sinuses are cleaned by an abundant flow of mucous – purulent secretion even with a bit of blood.

One of the major mechanisms of fasting is to unblock the blocked genes, which are located on chromosomes in the nucleus of every cell. A group of American researchers from the University of Madison, headed by prof. Richard Weindruch made a discovery that caloric restriction restores the activity of the inactive genes and enzymes, which are a” product” of genes. Restoring of activity of the genes starts the general regeneration, promotes rejuvenation, stops cancer and prolongs life. Together, with the gene unblocking goes the normalization of all biochemical research, since the norm is written in the genes. Thus, in our group of patients with coronary artery disease, the too high cholesterol level, the so called “bad” LDL reached the normal level after 6 weeks of the diet, while the “good” HDL cholesterol increased in the meantime, and also reached normal range. These are the regulations at the gene level.

At one patient, who for 27 years, suffered for the splitting finger nail we noticed the regeneration of the cartilage, only after a few weeks of the diet. This observation proves the unlocking of genes of the nail matrix that were mechanically damaged.

In another case, thanks to a six-week diet the loss of cartilage in the knee joint were restored, and the patient has avoided the knee replacement surgery. She has been healthy and fit for 11 years now.

The course of the treatment with the vegetable- fruit diet – recuperative crises.

At the beginning of the treatment, with the detoxification of the body, there can appear short “recuperative crises”, such as weakness, headache, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, fever, etc., which are the result of the release of toxins from the tissues and infiltrating into the blood. Persons who have previously applied cleansing therapies, or have a healthy lifestyle, usually do not have any crises.

In the group of 320 of patients was observed the following crises: headache (45%), abdominal pain (43%), diarrhea (34%), arthralgia, insomnia and dizziness (20%), skin lesions (5%). The symptoms of the “recuperative crises” usually occur at the beginning of the diet, then, often  disappear spontaneously and usually require no treatment; which  is associated with the mobilization of the self-healing mechanisms. If you get headaches or other ailments can do bowel cleansing (enema), because then the body gets rid of large amounts of toxins, especially with the bile and then health improves rapidly. It is also helpful to do physical activity and drink more water. In patients with constipation enemas and hydrokolonotherapy treatments are helpful.

Patients suffering from gastric illness may experience diarrhea at the beginning of the diet, which is the result of exfoliating of the old, atrophied intestinal epithelium, and at the same time the healthy epithelium regenerates. Recovery time is only 36 hours. Since then, patients usually can eat raw vegetables and fruit without any problems.

In the case of latent foci of bacteria during the diet some inflammatory symptoms may appear: chills, fever, pain, swelling, redness, increased ESR, antibodies, inflammatory proteins, etc. These symptoms should spontaneously disappear after a few days. These are good signs; they are the evidence of the increased activity of the immunity system in recognizing and killing the bacteria.

After the crises most often a gradual improvement of wellbeing and disease regression are observed.

The role of food intolerance in the treatment of autoimmune diseases

In some patients, especially those with diseases in immunology, endocrinology, gastroenterology, neurology, some of the remains of the undigested food proteins can pass through the leaky gut barrier (so-called leaky gut) into the bloodstream, where they stimulate the production of antibodies (IgG). They are the so called food intolerances. Identification of such foods can be carried out with the use of a test for food intolerances (Food Detective).

A similarity between the undigested dietary proteins and the body’s own proteins can lead to autoimmunity, i.e. the destruction by antibodies one’s own tissues; it happens in case of thyroid disease (Hashimoto’s), liver (autoimmune hepatitis), arthritis (rheumatoid rheumatism), muscles, etc. Identification and exclusion of these foods from the diet was crucial in our experience; it was a breakthrough in the treatment of many chronic and even incurable diseases.

To illustrate the above, we present some cases of autoimmune disease in which the exclusion of intolerable foods (on the basis of the test for food intolerance) and applying the vegetable- fruit diet restored health.

Example 1.  A fifteen years old boy was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. The boy had pain and effusion in the knee joints and with the absence of treatment effects was qualified to a wheelchair. He did not accept the disability and looked for other methods of treatment. For six weeks he applied the vegetable – fruit diet; he began to eat healthily, stopped eating sweets, pizza. All symptoms subsided. For 13 years, he felt well, he returned, periodically to the vegetable- fruit diet. He decided that he was completely healed, so he returned to the old style of food such as dough, pizza, meat. Unfortunately, the disease returned, the pain, swelling and stiffness were back. He had to use crutches again. We recommended the vegetable diet – fruit and a test for food intolerances. Test showed intolerance to gluten, rye and yeast. After applying the vegetable – fruit diet for a few weeks end the exclusion of the intolerable foods, the pain subsided. Today, he is 30 years old, feels good, observes a healthy diet, and is fully fit.

Example 2. A woman aged 38 was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis three years ago. Since then, paralysis of limbs and paralysis of sphincters continued. She could only move her arm to the chest. Her speech center was also paralyzed, she could not utter a single word, she mumbled. She was completely helpless; she was in a wheelchair. All kinds of treatment were ineffective. The vegetable- fruit diet did not bring the expected results. We recommended a test for food intolerances, which showed intolerance to gluten, yeast, and intolerance of most vegetables. We understood that this intolerance was the cause of the absence of effects of the vegetable – fruit. It was necessary to eliminate the foods which the body couldn’t tolerate. She took periodic water fasting and started to gradually add the vegetables which were tolerated. After 2 months a gradual improvement could be noticed: limb paralysis subsided, impaired balance retreated, nystagmus and speech problems disappeared. Also, the CT examination of the brain was much better. Also, the level of the prolactin hormone normalized, which caused the disappearance of the cyst in the breast. Now, two years passed, she is fine was able to return to work, drives a car, and often repeats the vegetable- fruit diet treatment.

Example 3: A nun at the age of 37, 10 years ago, suffered from paralysis of the left hand arm and leg. With a crutch she could only drag her still leg and her left arm hanged paralyzed. When she applied the vegetable- fruit diet after 2.5 months, gradually, the mobility of the paralyzed leg and hand began to return. However, the fingers of her left hand remained motionless. After another 1.5 months of the diet she could reject the crutches and started to walk freely. Muscular atrophy of the shoulder and arms retreated, back pain also subsided; previously she could not even turn in her bed. The cause of the paralysis was the carotid and vertebral artery thrombosis. Ultrasonography performed after the diet showed restoring of arterial patency. Carotid artery still remained blocked, and the left hand was motionless. She made a test for food intolerances, which demonstrated intolerance to gluten. The exclusion of gluten from the diet, and frequent repetition of the vegetable- fruit diet treatments restored the mobility of the left hand fingers. The diet also proved an effective method of treatment of other ailments like: obesity, high blood pressure and high cholesterol, fibroids disappeared, the vision improved from 3 A to 0, 75 diopters. The patient often applies the vegetable- fruit diet treatment and is on a gluten-free diet.

Example 4: A thirteen years old girl suffered from pain and muscle weakness of legs for three months. She could not get up from a sitting or kneeling position, or climb the stairs. A blood test showed that the necrosis of muscle enzymes were eight times higher the standard, which indicated an autoimmune muscle inflammation. The test for food intolerance confirmed gluten, milk, eggs, carrots and citrus intolerance. An attempt of three weeks of vegetable – fruit diet treatment was made, and the not tolerated fruits and vegetables were excluded; then an elimination diet was introduced. Already after the vegetable – fruit diet was applied a dramatic improvement could be observed. Full efficiency of the leg muscles returned, and all muscle necrosis enzymes normalized. Today, it’s been two years of her observing the vegetable – fruit diet eliminating the intolerable foods; and she  often has multi-day vegetable- fruit diet treatments. She is healthy and fit.

Example 5: A 54 years old patient with hypothyroidism and thyroid atrophy in the autoimmune thyroiditis – Hashimoto disease. She had high values of thyroid antibodies about 1300 for 7 years. She also had the “dry eye „syndrome, which was a result of autoimmune lacrimal gland inflammation. For 4 years she had left-hand weakness because of tick-borne encephalitis (Lyme disease). She moved in a wheelchair. She also suffered from severe pain in the heart, she had two heart attacks, had high blood pressure, which came to 240/160, high cholesterol of 400 mg / dl, frequent infections, bronchitis and kidney disease, kidney stones, and  strong back pains. She was hospitalized 60 times, 30 times in the intensive care unit. She accidentally learned about the vegetable- fruit diet, and she immediately applied it. Within half a year, she conducted four six -week courses of the dietary treatments, taking a three- week break after each treatment.

Already after 6 weeks of the diet thyroid antibodies disappeared and the thyroid, which was in the decay started to regenerate. After further treatments the left-hand weakness receded; she could now walk, dance, ride a bike. The scars on the skin after nine operations have become thin and almost invisible. The scars after myocardial infarction, which were traced in the previous study ECG, disappeared. She no longer had heart pain or shortness of breath. The syndrome of “dry eye” disappeared; she now has tears, doesn’t have any infection or nephrolithiasis, her eyesight improved by 4.5 diopters. The patient regained full health, doesn’t take any drugs, frequently returns to the vegetable- fruit diet treatment. She follows the elimination diet, the test showed a strong intolerance to gluten and milk. The observation has lasted for 4 years.

Example 6: In our patient who mainly ate meat, had a sallow complexion, and constantly felt tired, we noticed that her cells, viewed under the microscope with dark field of vision, were stuck together. The vegetable- fruit diet was applied. After two weeks of the diet the blood picture normalized; the strength returned and her complexion improved.

 Good luck!