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This is the fifth time that Alexey wins a gold medal for Russia in the bobsleigh!


Besides being a multiple bobsleigh champion, Alexey is also a multiple champion of arm wrestling.


Warm up with a weight of 120 kg /265 lbs

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Alexey is not only vegan, but also raw food eater. When asked about the protein he answers: “Protein breaks down in the body. Amino acids are one little part of the decay product of  protein. Decay products of protein are always BUN, ammonia, thinol and other toxics. Amino acids depend on the quality of protein. It’s nutrition for harmful microflora (pathogenic bacteria). This  harmful microflora is the cause of decomposition. Read A.M. Ugolev’s work. He discovered microflora (gut flora) and he tried to  separate microflora as individual member of the body. When our microflora is healthy it should weigh 2.5-3.5  kg. Microflora produce amino acids, hormones. It’s a clever biochemical machine that allow us to be healthy and happy.

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When asked about his diet and how it works on its regeneration he answered, “Yes, I am a vegan (…) Of course, I do not eat cooked food (…) This diet works very well for my recovery. (….. ) I was on a Kremlyevskay diet ,(low carb, high protein)  consisting of eating large quantities of meat, milk and I drank  many protein cocktails. I experimented with diet very much .. When I ate meat, supplement amino acids, creatine and minerals I did lunge forward barbell with the weight of 220 kg.  I lacked energy. When I stopped eating meat I did it with the weight of 320 kg without amino acids, vitamins, minerals. simply eating vegetables and fruits. easy. I forgot about abdominal pain. ”




Alexey also revealed that his sister got pregnant thanks to raw food.

Congratulations Alexey! I hope that we will have more examples like you! Let’s also hope that more information will be released in English on his diet and reach more and more people. You can watch this interview on youtube: