How a vegan became a bikini fitness competitor

Incredible…  every vegan is weak and undernurished,  they eat only carrots and lettuce. And barely have strenght to lift a fork to reach their mouth… 😉

I was usure if I should write about my experience here, because my blog was rather about health, diet and recipes, but what the heck, it has the word BODY in the title. And without sport there is no health.

Beside that, this is my blog and I can write whatever I want 😉

In November 2015 I participated in my first BODYBUILDING COMPETITION in my life in BIKINI FITNESS division. I started to think about it three years ago, but actual preparation lasted  nine weeks only. I have been doing a strength training for three years, more or less intense, had times on and off, but I have built quite good quality of muscles. I had to make my body to reach the bikini fitness competition standards.

It was quite hard, especially that I had to travel internationally three times during this period, of which one overseas. My diet is VEGAN, high raw, unprocessed… In general I could not enjoy these travels as much, because I had to find a gym, train, find the right food and cook if kitchen was available and look for the right kind of restaurants.

Anyway I did it! Not only I lost quite a lot of body fat, I gain some muscles too, which for most of the people is impossible to achive in the same time. I gained the best form of my life!

Yes, it was hard. But I knew that putting my foot on the stage would be a reward and the trophy and medals were an incredible joy. Preparing for the competition is like a journey, you have to be exited about it, appreciate it and above all have fun. Destination last only few moments on the stage. However training your willpower, struggle with your weaknesses, pushing yourself further and further, crossing the limits is a long and unforgettable journey.

Motivation can be different for everybody. For me, it was proving to myself that I can do it and proving to the world that vegans can build muscles as well.

I came 2nd and 2 times 4th places. It was unexpected, because I didn’t reach the goals that I planned during this short 9 weeks preparation time. However I put myself out there and have no regrets! I came back home very happy with a trophy and two medals 🙂 🙂 🙂

Here are some of the pictures:


Proud! I was very proud of my hard work and discipline. In spite of many doubts, being tired, and lets be honest sometimes hungry, I never gave up. Concentration is the key, sometimes you fail, sometimes you fall, but you can always stand up again and go on. Never give up!!!

A lot of people ask me questions about my diet and all kind of stuff, so I will put it in my next post.

Till then I will train (and eat) 😉




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