Persimmon protein chocolate mousse

How to turn persimmon into a chocolate mousse?

Very easily!


  1. 2 very ripe soft persimmons
  2. Big and ripe (spotted) banana
  3. Vegan milk, about half of glass
  4. Vegan protein powder (optional)
  5.  Vanilla or rum flavour
  6. Cacao (or carob) – about 1 – 2 table spoon
  7. Goji or other dried fruit for decoration
  8. Natural sweetener of choice  (optional) if you find it not sweet enough


  1. Mix all the ingredients in blender exept for dried fruits. Make sure persimmons don’t have seed. Taste if you like it, add some natural sweetener if you like. If you don’t use a pritein powder you can add less milk.
  2. Decorate with dried fruits.
  3. Put it to the frige for few hours if you can handle it. I always try to do this recipe when I’m full, so I just lick the blender and the spoon 😛
  4. Done!!!


Ania <3

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