Raw vegan Tabouli

Tabouli or tabbouleh is a traditional Arabic dish which I love in a raw version. It’s perfect for a summer, because it is juicy, refreshing and full of minerals that help us to survive a summer heat. I added some nuts and seeds for more protein contain, which is important for the bodybuilders 🙂

It may be prepared as a side dish or as a main dish. For me it will be the second one 🙂




Preparing Tabouli makes me very excited. Actually being in possesion of this huge bunch of parsley makes me really excited. I don’t know why 🙂 Maybe because my surname is Natkowska and Natka in Polish means Parsley 😉



Did I mention that you will nees a lot of Parsley? 🙂



1. Thin chopped parsley, 3 – 4 cups

2. Tomatoes. I used dates tomatoes, but Kristina Carillo said it is better to use the big one for more juice. 2 – 3 cups of chopped

3. Chives, as much you like, I used 1/3 cup

4. Fresh mint leafs, few

5. Juice of 2 lemons

6. Crushed/ mixed nuts and seeds. I used sunflower seeds and almons, about 1 cup

7. Olive oil (optional)

8. Salt, pepper (optional)

Mix everything together and leave for an half an hour into the frige so tastes and aromas will mix together.




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