Beets cure cancer and smoothe wrinkles

How often do you eat beets? I recently started to eat them raw and every day.  Do not be afraid to try! The taste is different than those cooked, but mixing it with other vegetables and just pour a good sauce for sure you will like it!

It’s really Worth eating it!  here is what I prepared about it:



BEET is a valuable vegetable that we eat especially in the winter , you often do not have a lot of fresh and valuable products on hand. Beet is a superfood, which is a product with outstanding nutritional value , in addition you will get it at any grocery store !
Beetroot is one of the leading vegetables in the arsenal to prevent cancer. Its medical use dates back to ancient Rome , when beet was a treatment for fever and constipation.
Hippocrates, the father of medicine, advocated the use of beet leaves for wound care. In the Middle Ages, people used the vegetables to treat various diseases , especially in problems with digestion and blood.
However, beet renaissance occurred only in 1950  by the Hungarian physician Alexander Ferenczi . He worked exclusively with patients who had undergone chemotherapy and radiotherapy and were in the final stages of cancer . All patients of Dr. Ferenczi responded positively to the treatment. . He noted clinical improvement in each case. The treatment was so strong that in some cases the  patient’s liver was overloaded.
The later experiments of Dr. Ferenczi, based on dosing in patients approximately 1 kg grated raw beets, helped in the fight against leukemia and cancer.
In another study, 22 patients who had an advanced stage of cancer, were given about 20 grams of beet juice per day for 3 – 4 months . All but one showed a dramatic improvement in their health.

The study confirms the power of sugar .

Scientists show beyond doubt that a high intake of fruits and vegetables may reduce the risk of developing cancer and other diseases. Beets , in particular, are extremely rich in unique chemical compounds used to fight cancer.
The beautiful intense scarlet color comes from beet betacyanins , a natural compound that is a powerful agent in the fight against cancer. Beets also contain powerful health-promoting components called betalains .
One of the best- studied betalains in beets is called betanin. Betanin has outstanding anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and brings detoxifying . According to the World ‘s healthiest food ( Healthiest Food World – a website maintained by the George Mateljan Foundation a non – profit organization dedicated to promoting a healthier world ) , laboratory tests have shown that dyes betanin may hinder the growth of cancer cells in tissues as:



Scientists say that these powerful ingredients in sugar act synergically to prevent and combat cancer and other diseases. Besides betalains , the vegetables with anti- cancer properties, in particular beets contain large amounts of other important trace elements such as :

vitamin C
folic acid
Allantoin , a powerful alkaloid
Beetroot is one of the most rejuvenating vegetables that exists and improves the performance of virtually every system in the human body . Here are some of them:

Increases strength and endurance
It stimulates the immune system
It stimulates the secretion of bile
Prevents colds and flu
Reconstructs the blood (and thus blocks the growth of cancer cells )
It accelerates cell growth
Regulates blood pressure
It lowers the body temperature
It strengthens the skin and veins
It removes heavy metals and toxins from the brain
It accelerates the production of red blood cells ( which improves cellular oxygenation ) and cures anemia
It helps you get shiny hair , smooth skin and strong nails
It cleanses and detoxifies the liver , kidneys and bladder
removes constipation
Cures leukemia and other cancers
Because beet juice has such tremendous power , it is advisable to introduce it gradually , in very small quantities , to gradually increase the dose over time .
It is also recommended beet juice mixing with other milder juices as carrot juice , cucumbers or apples.
People with chronic liver or kidney disease should exercise extreme caution and drink very small doses of diluted juice.


Rejuvenating the skin – anti – aging

The high content of folic acid in sugar stimulates the production and the repairing of cells, which helps protect against premature aging. In addition, it has a lot of calcium, iron, potassium, phosphorus, manganese, cobalt, vitamin B1, vitamin C, beta carotene, dietary fiber and has of course alcalyze forming properties. Beetroot is one of the products that we should always have in the pantry and eat as often as possible.

Beet juice can also be used directly on the skin as makeup, here Megan Elizabeth shows how to use sugar instead of blush to the cheeks:

Beet juice also works well as a rejuvenating facial mask, even Cleopatra applied it. Beneficial effects of the masks are based on  strong antioxidant properties, which prevents the decomposition of collagen in the skin which is responsible for its firmness. Of course, I would not recommend applying the same grated beetroot juice on the face or because your skin is stained pink, but it can be combined with clay mask or your favorite fruit.

Apparently, after a few weeks of frequent use of the masks,  spots , blemishes or imperfections will disappear. It does not hurt to try;)


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