One ingredient raw vegan chocolates

When I learned that you can make raw food dessert with only one ingredient, I was very surprised!
I decided to try to see if this was true, and … yes. This is possible.

The main and only ingredient is:  COCONUT BUTTER.

When I first read about coconut butter, I thought that it was just another term for coconut oil. A huge mistake. Coconut oil, like all oils, is pure fat obtained from the product.


In contrast, coconut butter is whole pulp of young coconuts. Without any additives, preservatives, fragrances. So it contains all the precious benefits of fresh coconut straight from the palm tree. Together with fiber!

Here are some of the wonderful health properties of coconut butter:

  • is rich in lauric acid, which assists the immune system to destroy harmful bacteria, viruses and fungi
  • increases metabolism, allowing you to quickly burn excess fat. Once it was given to pigs to make them fat faster. Pigs instead of gaining weight, lost it!
  • is rich in healthy fatty acids
  • gives a feeling of satiety for sooooo long
  • contains amino acids, calcium and magnesium
  • smells wonderful!


If you do not have access to butter, you can make it by your own by mixing grated coconut in the food processor. This process will take a long time. You have to be careful not to overheat the coconut and not to burn the food processor.

How to make chocolate coconut?

This time there will be no list of ingredients, because there is only one 🙂
It is also worth mentioning the fact that we are not mixing the concentrated carbohydrate and fats as it is in most raw desserts. So it is easier to digest and believe me, you can not eat many of them 🙂

So lets do it!

Put a jar of coconut butter in a very warm water bath. It must melt completely, so you can mix it. The real butter is lower in the jar, at the top there is  the coconut oil (the lightest).


Melted butter coconut

Coconut butter is quite sweet. However, if you think that ‘s not enough, you can add some sweetener. I heard that Stevia is the best choice for this recipe. But I did not try , for me it was sweet enough.

For a pink color I used a few drops of BEET JUICE  . If you do not have a juicer or you do not want to use it just for a few drops of juice , you can cut a piece of beet , put it into a blender , add a little water. Than blend and filter through a strainer . Voilà! Please add the juice very slowly, literally a few drops , because juice makes it thick somehow and it won’t melt again. That happened in my case,  😉

For  chocolate color and flavor I used carob . You can of course use the traditional COCOA . Add carefully and mix quickly .

Once you finished pour the liquid very quickly into the ice mold.

Put in the freezer for a few hours.


Have you noticed this two-color chocolate? I am impressed 😉 it was possible because coconut butter mixed with carob / cocoa is more dense than just  coconut butter. So I poured first the more dense mixture  on the bottom and then I poured  the pure coconut butter on top.
The opposite way did not work out, as could be expected. You can see on the right side, but I created an interesting mosaic, you can play this way too.

I wonder if you prefer  this chocolate made with coconut butter or  oil!

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