Lately I have been trying to figure out how to make a carrot cake. I have searched some ideas on the Internet, but eventually I decided to trust my own instinct and create my own recipe.

Because the main ingredients here are carrots, you can consider this dessert as a salad  😉





1.     WALNUTS 2 cups
2.     DRIED APRICOTS 1 cup
3.     CAROB or CACAO 4 table spoons
4.     SALT pinch

Carrot’s filling:

1.     2 cups of shredded CARROTS or left over after making a carrot juice (I recommend the second option).
2.     DRIED APRICOTS about ¾ cup
3.     GINGER 1 cm (0,4 inch)  fresh
4.     CINNAMON 2 tea spoons
6.     TUMERIC small pinch
7.     If you use shredded carrots instead of using left over after carrot juice, you should add few table spoons of SHREDDED COCONUT or ground FLAX SEEDS.



1.    Soak the WALNUTS overnight and process with an “S” balde in the food processor.
2.    Add DRIED APRICOTS, CAROB or CACAO and SALT and process again to a crumbly meal.
3.    Press into the pie form evenly on the bottom and the sides if you want.
4.     Shredded CARROTS place into the food processor with the DRIED APRICOTS, GINGER,     CINNAMON, TUMERIC AND VANILLA.
4.    Pour the mixture into the pie form  over the crust.
5.    Dust with CAROB or CACAO POWDER.


My personal tasters describe this cake as  divine 🙂 I think I’m gonna make it quite often 🙂


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